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Praying for the families of the victims in Charleston S.C.

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It saddens me to see that Satan has exacerbated the furor over racialism that continues to brew in this country. An agent of the Evil One walked into a gathering of God’s people and took their physical lives. A white male mercilessly took the lives of African American people, demonstrating that the apparent reality being […]

God exposes us for who we are

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Whose opinion means far too much to you? Do you struggle with an unhealthy need to be praised? Are you devastated by even constructive criticism? How about pretending to be someone you are not because of the possibility of rejection or disappointment? God offers freedom from these fears through his acceptance of your failures and […]

God, thanks for forgiveness

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God, we thank you for your forgiveness. When we were your enemies, far away, and dead in our trespasses and sin, you freely gave the grace and mercy we needed to reconcile with you through the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. We cannot buy it, we cannot earn it, and we certainly do not […]

Do not be discouraged

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The Enemy of God’s people will do whatever, through whomever to cause discouragement, devastation, and destruction. Thank God he hears us and helps us when we are under attack. 7 As for me, I look to the LORD for help. I wait confidently for God to save me, and my God will certainly hear me. […]