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The Consequences for Disobedience

by Office Secretary

God blesses and delivers when we call out to him in times of struggle and even in hopelessness. He hears all who call upon him and he acts. However, since he is the provider of blessings, he can also choose to withhold his favor and even bring consequences for disobedience. 5 So I want to […]

The Danger of Compromise

by Office Secretary

I am continually amazed at how the scriptures, which spoke specifically of the spiritual condition evident in the time when they were written, still speak loudly in regards to the reality of today. The “church” in The United States and the western world is not on a healthy trajectory. Continual compromise with the culture by […]

Where is the church?

by Ryan Brenneman

Do we really know what is going on here in the land in which we live? Have we reached the depths of depravity and immorality that could spell the end of the family and traditional values, or is there more ahed as we continue toward the spiritual darkness that keeps encroaching? Integrity in leaders is […]