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Don’t You Understand Yet?

by Office Secretary

What a question to ponder. We are very often slow learners when it comes to interacting with the great God of the universe. We see his hand at work and then doubt when crisis arises again. We say we trust him and believe in him, yet we stand dumbfounded when calamity strikes or when we […]

Only Christ Can Cleanse us and Set us Free

by Office Secretary

Are those who claim to belong to God really his? Do our behaviors and actions represent a life cleansed and purified by Christ? Are the modern day pharisees who seem to know what we “can’t” do clean just because they don’t, chew, drink, smoke, dance, play cards or allow their women to wear pants? Listen […]


by Office Secretary

I just bought my very own adult coloring book and colored pencils. As a kid, I enjoyed the old “connect the dots” pages in coloring books. With a few lines between the dots, a picture came into being. Then that picture could be colored and all could see what was hidden in the midst of […]

Spreading the Message of the Good News

by Office Secretary

How did you first hear about the grace, love, mercy and forgiveness offered through the sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary? In all of my years and studies, I have never heard of anyone just waking up one day to the deep spiritual reality of salvation without some information from which to make the decision. In […]

Trusting God in the Storm

by Office Secretary

Do you find it hard to trust God when the storms of life are crashing around you? Don’t feel like you are the only one who has ever experienced a lapse in or weak period of trusting God to deliver you safely to the destination he has planned for you. 35 As evening came, Jesus […]