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The Gospel Under Attack

by Office Secretary

Our culture is not unique in its attempts to minimize the gospel. Whether it is a secular group like the ACLU, religionists who push man made tradition over personal relationship, or Casper Milquetoast preachers who are unwilling to preach the doctrinal truth of scripture so as not to offend, the gospel is under attack. In […]

Prayer – Is Yours Fervent or Nonchalant?

by Office Secretary

How important is prayer in the lives of we who call ourselves followers of Christ? Do we pray fervently or nonchalantly?Is the amount of time we spend praying relevant or have we adopted the 80’s slogan concerning child rearing; “quality matters more than quantity”? Just as with time for our children, there is no quality […]

Don’t Let Anyone Mislead You

by Office Secretary

Western Christianity’s escapist mentality is becoming more popular with each new generation. Prosperity preachers proclaim that followers of Christ will never have troubles, and that all that has been removed from the lives of believers will be replaced up to 100 fold. Dispensationalists who guarantee the removal of the church before all hell breaks loose […]