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Signs of the Times

by Office Secretary

Signs of the times 2 The godly people have all disappeared; not one honest person is left on the earth. They are all murderers, setting traps even for their own brothers. 3 Both their hands are equally skilled at doing evil! Officials and judges alike demand bribes. The people with influence get what they want, […]

Live For Christ So Others May See Him Through You

by Office Secretary

Our country has moved very far from the values upon which it was founded. Extortion, violence and lying are the status quo, rather than serving, helping and truth telling. Our culture can be explained and describes in a word – corrupt. Immoral behaviors are not only seen as normal, but celebrated and extolled. Just because […]

God Is More Interested In Repentance And Change….

by Office Secretary

The net effect of psychology and human philosophy over the past 50 years is that people no longer hear with their ears, but with their emotions. Rather than going from the ears to the brain for cognitive logical evaluation, every word is filtered through the emotions first, causing impulsive reaction instead of a methodical weighing […]