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The Fountain of Life

by Office Secretary

Many people today are still seeking the ever elusive “Fountain of Youth.” Between Botox shots, implants, collagen injections, wrinkle creams, and a plethora of other medical and holistic options, people are trying to cheat time and the aging process. Should we search for the Fountain of Youth or seek after the Fountain of Life? “Those […]

Petulance is Putrid

by Office Secretary

Dictionaries defines petulance as “unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered; peevish (discontented);contemptuous (disrespectful) in speech or behavior.” Putrid is “emitting a rotten smell that is unpleasant or repulsive. As we watch the unrestrained destructive activities taking place on college campuses and in major cities, petulance seems to have reached an all time high. For almost two years […]

Masters of Concealment

by Office Secretary

We as people are very good at concealing whom we really are and what is eating us alive. We can put a smile on one day or maintain a balanced even keeled approach on another day. Often, the exterior and the demeanor are diametrically opposed to what is circulating in the interior. As Solomon, wise […]