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Choosing Wisdom

by Office Secretary

As I look at posts on Facebook and watch the 24 hour news cycle, it occurs to me that truth, wisdom and discretion have been jettisoned in this current culture. Repeating untruths and sensationalized assumptions, while vomiting out vitriol and hatefulness is even dividing people who were once able to have simple amiable conversations about […]

Which Way Should We Go?

by Office Secretary

In our highly technological world today, most hikers, adventurers, and drivers use a GPS or other gadget to navigate when traveling to unfamiliar destinations. The days of and atlas on their front seat, printed directions from MapQuest, compasses, and handwritten outlines from a friend have become antiquated at best. Likewise, in the search for purpose […]

Living Upside Down

by Office Secretary

In this modern world and the culture that has established itself as the accepted “norm,” the main goal is to fulfill every want, lust, and fantasy. People run up tremendous debt to live a lifestyle that they cannot maintain. Cosmetic surgery has become more and more prevalent as Botox, lifts, tucks, injections and other radical […]

The Weight of God’s Opinion

by Office Secretary

In the modern Church’s desire to fill seats, be relevant, and make Christianity more palatable, has there been a move to cherry pick scripture that is not judgmental or confrontational? There is overt emphasis on God’s love and grace without the balance of his wrath, righteousness and justice. The scale seems inaccurately heavy on one […]

Vigilant Observation

by Office Secretary

Most parents watch over their young children vigilantly, hoping to protect them from danger and harm. Military and intelligence use surveillance, as well as deep cover agents to keep an eye on those who threaten the safety of our citizens. Police officers use informants, stakeouts, and good old -fashioned detective work to prevent crime and […]