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The Danger of Indifference

by Office Secretary

The majority of people who draw breath in this world are not passionate about much. Many live lives of apathy and indifference concerning the possibility of making a difference for others, or even for themselves. There is a sense that one is unable to affect the circumstances our outcomes which have already been started into […]

Repurposed Garbage

by Office Secretary

There is a rising tide of people who see recycling as a positive practice. Trash collection services are providing collection cans and bins for plastic, glass, metal and various paper products in more cities and towns than ever before. Where there are centralized collection facilities, people sort and deposit these recyclables into appropriate dumpsters and […]

Political Pharisees and Fearmongers

by Office Secretary

The tragedy in Las Vegas is indicative of the horrors that await this country should people continue on the dark journey upon which we have embarked. Fake news and politicians who would use tragedy for promoting their agendas have shown no respect for the victims of a senseless slaughter. In fact, they show blatant disrespect […]