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by Office Secretary

We are all conformed to a particular worldview. This worldview is chosen based on our interactions and experiences in life. For believers and followers of Christ, the bible is the foundation upon which we are supposed to build our outlook and participation in the circumstances in which we find ourselves. The bible directs us to […]

Attached or Unattached?

by Office Secretary

In a recent poll, 81% of those who claim to follow Christ understand that all believers are responsible to share their faith. However, 67% have not talked about Christ to anyone in the previous 6 months. What a sad set of statistics. No wonder people in our word find it themselves in hopeless situations and […]

Who Has The Power?

by Office Secretary

The famous saying of the cartoon and movie character He Man is, “I have the power!” He always makes this proclamation as he raises his sword over his head, and before beginning an adventure in which he seeks to overcome his dark, evil adversary Skeletor. In real life, who has power to overcome evil, wickedness, […]

Carnivals and Christianity

by Audio Visual

Charles Spurgeon stated this when referring to church attendance, “If you have to give a carnival to get people to come to church, then you will have to keep giving carnivals to keep them coming back.” Spurgeon was a Baptist preacher in England the late 1800’s. Apparently he was also somewhat of a prophet. My […]