Satan must surely be celebrating his long sought victory to destroy the lives of God’s precious human beings. The evidence for such a time of revelry in hell is evidenced in the darkness legislated by the governor and political establishment of New York state last week.

Governor Cuomo declared that he would not sign a fiscal budget for the state unless its legislators presented him with a bill and an amendment to the state constitution allowing for unfettered abortion on demand. He got his wish. The morally depraved legislators in both houses of the New York government conspired with the governor to declare open season on the most defenseless of those among us.

According to this new legislation, a child can be aborted up to the time of birth. Up to the very minute before its head and body pass through the birth canal. Likewise, if a child was “accidentally” born, it could be terminated after live birth, if it was known that the mother intended abortion before the birth. Another logical conclusion of the new law would allow a perpetrator who attacked a pregnant woman to only be charged with assault, even if the unborn child was killed.

This same state will not allow those who are rapists and killers to be terminated by lethal injection because that procedure has been determined to be cruel and unusual punishment. What great logic and moral thinking. An innocent baby who has caused no harm and is absolutely unable to defend itself may be murdered by injection or by a pair of scissors jammed into its skull so its brains can be sucked out, but a hardened criminal with no regard for life gets “3 hots and a cot, free medical care, dental care, and educational opportunities,” until they die naturally. What an outrage!

What boggles the mind is that there was great celebration, laughing and cheering upon the completion of the vote and the signing on the law. All of the women present seemed genuinely joyous that they had succeeded in advancing the culture of death being perpetrated here in this once great nation. How can hearts be so hardened to the plight of children?

These people are no different than the ancient worshipers of Molech, who offered their children in grisly ways to appease their false God. What barbarians civilized legislators have become. What is next? Genocide of handicapped children and adults? Genocide of older adults whom the state deems unnecessary or a burden on the medical system?