A wise person once said, “If you look behind you and see that nobody is following, then you are not a leader.”

How does that apply in the real world? It seems as though modern people don’t follow leaders due to great conviction that the person being followed has what it takes to help them improve. In fact, most people align themselves with those leaders who either tell them what they want to hear or who promise to make their lives easier at no cost to them.

The bible warns that in the last days people will abandon sound doctrine and good teaching as they sit at the feet of those who “tickle their ears.” This was evident in the recent election cycle and it is evident in churches today.

Our culture does not understand what real leadership entails because we are short on leaders in every aspect of our society. Political, civic, and religious leaders lick their collective index fingers and stick them up to determine which way the winds of expediency are blowing, It seems that that the path of least resistance or the one that leads to quick popularity always wins out.

Proverbs 12:24 says, “Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave.”

Most people today want the “EASY” button from Staples, as opposed to working hard and having the satisfaction of doing one’s best while acheiving a goal. This makes a lazy society and a lazy church in America today.

Christianity has grown over the centuries as people sacrificed their time, talents, finances, and even their lives to bring the Good News of the Gospel to others who were on their way to a hopeless and Christless eternity. Now pew sitters rely on the hired holy man, podcasting, electronic messaging and social media to do the work that God has called his people to do personally.

As we look at our efforts and service to the kingdom of the God we claim to follow, is their enough evidence to convict us as leaders? as servants? as true believers? Based on trends in this culture in which we find ourselves, it seems as though the church is lacking in biblical leadership, servanthood, and even belief that God’s plans are the best to follow.

If there is a lack of leadership, work hard to become a leader where you are. The only other option is to be a slave as you follow others with a herd mentality who seek someone else to make their lives what is perceived to be “better,” or “easier.”