Those who demand diversity and require that all opinions and voices be heard, have decided that any opinion or ideology that does not fit their parameters is worthy of bullying. Mobs attack people and leaders with whom they disagree as they attempt to eat a meal in public with their families. Ad hoc keg parties are held on the sidewalk in front of another public figure’s home. Cars are torched for displaying the “wrong: bumper sticker. A famous rapper is deemed an “ignorant negro” and a “token negro” as the African American commentator on CNN laughs, all because the celebrity chooses to to align himself with the president of the United States.

These very same people in the mob once defended those whose gender identity, or minority status, or impoverished condition made them targets or left them feeling overwhelmed or bullied. They preached of the absolute necessity to defend all whose identities and ideologies were under attack. My how things have changed.

Those who previously called racism and sexism out as horrendous and defamatory are now slinging racist and sexist remarks against the minorities they pretended to protect. Any woman or person of color who disagrees with the liberal progressive agenda is automatically vilified and bludgeoned with both ugly words and “in your face” challenges by those who have bought into the incivility being preached by the leaders of the mob. Irresponsible leaders in the government who stoke the fires of hatred and disrespect portend that this should be the case until they regain power.

Statements like “Get in their faces,” and “When they get down , we kick them,” serve no purpose but to gin up those who are operating out of ignorance and emotion. Why is this double standard tolerated in this great country? Why is it that some are above the law? Why is it that false allegations and conspiracies that are continuously disproved reign the day and drive the rabid idealogs into such a fury?

It is because the people of this country have allowed the powers of darkness to infiltrate the very fiber of our culture. Rampant individualism and claims of victimization only serve to fuel the flames of this conflagration. Our society is in danger of another ideological civil war where words are exchanged for violence and the ability to have discussions will be totally annihilated.

What do true believers do in this unruly, unrighteous, ungodly mayhem? We pray. We remain ready at all times to give a reason for the hope that lies within us, with gentleness and respect. (I Peter 3:15) We stay pure so that God can use us for his purposes (Matthew 5:8). We preach the gospel, ready in season and out of season. (I Timothy 4:2) We stand firm as we stand against the enemy in this spiritual battle for the collective hearts and souls of the people of this country. (Ephesians 6:10-18)