Every aspect of society is under the scrutiny of “woke” people who believe their mandate is to demean, disturb or destroy every last bastion of traditional thinking. Whether historical. political, or biblical, deniers and denigrators are forcing their radical ideologies into our culture with the goal of impugning all recognized truth.

Just because people do not like what has happened in the past, does not automatically assume that the past can be erased, revised, or otherwise written off. Much of history is bad, even awful, but losing understanding of past mistakes opens the door for them to be repeated. Likewise, much of history is amazing and provides the foundation upon which we stand today.

Just because young people have been brainwashed by our education system into believing that socialism is a helpful form of government, does not mean that the representative democracy we cherish should be deemed obsolete. There is not one instance in the entire world where any experiment in socialism has benefitted any people or country. Instead, it has failed time and time again.

Just because modern people who have been bombarded with the propaganda of atheistic humanism do not believe the truth of the bible, does not mean that God’s scripture should be adapted to accommodate the evil propagated by the kingdom of darkness. Sin will always be sin where God is concerned, no matter how anyone “feels” about it.

It does not matter whether we have a loved one who has adopted an immoral sexual lifestyle or one whose life is defined by common garden variety sin. The bible says that both are disobedience as far as God is concerned. The bible explicitly states that those whose life is defined by sin are children of their father the Devil, while those who pursue righteousness are children of God (I John 3).

God is not going to modify his word just because people today either deny it or classify it as archaic mythology. His word remains the same yesterday, today and forever. No part of it will pass away (Matthew 5:18). Isaiah 40:8 states it this way, “The grass withers and the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.”

If the word of God will last forever, then its teaching, wisdom, and truth cannot be outgrown. Since God does not change and his truth does not change, then sin will always be defined as disobedience against a holy God and its wages will be eternal death separated from God.

Stand for God’s word you who claim to belong to him. Wake up to the truth God has presented so that those who are culturally woke might encounter the life changing grace, mercy and salvation offed by our holy, righteous God.
Run fast and run far from anyone who claims to speak for God, but who in reality is twisting scripture, theological ideas, doctrine or the plain truth of God’s word. Pray that the woke will see that they fooled by evil. Stop giving sinners a pass. Be light battling the darkness of this current culture.