Welcome Back To Frostburg. GIG (Generations Investigating God) has entered another year of reaching into the classrooms and dorms so that you may know the love of Jesus. We meet each Wednesday  at 7:00 pm for a meal, worship begins at 7:45 pm, and a message from the pastoral team.

Pastor Ron is available from noon on Wednesday until the  evening services,  any discussions and individual prayer times, have ended. Please use the Contact Us page to email him if you would like to schedule a time to meet in person.

Friday evenings from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm there is a weekly bible study at the BSM/G.I.G. house while school is in session.

We are offering a Worship Service at G.I.G. on Sunday afternoons at 1:00 pm. Join us here on Sunday’s for worship,  sermon and coffee.

We added www.FSUGIG.com to our group of church webpages, please feel free to pass it out to anyone who would be interested in looking us up.

With ministries going on 3 days a week, there are plenty of opportunities to get connected with other college students that are searching for answers about who God is and why he loves them, trying to learn more about him and grow in their faith, or fellow followers of Jesus that are looking for someone to help them remain strong in their faith in a world that tries to tell them it’s OK to do whatever they want.