“Those who are wise will find a time and a way to do what is right, 6 for there is a time and a way for everything, even when a person is in trouble. 7 Indeed, how can people avoid what they don’t know is going to happen?” (Ecclesiastes 8:5b-7)
This is what we need in our world today…wise people who do what is right. We cannot avoid what we do not know is going to happen. If we knew, we would attempt to avert the obstacle or embrace the blessing.
Those of us who trust in the God of the Bible understand and are at the same time, learning that we can trust in God regardless of what comes our way or what interrupts our lives. God is our provider and our protector. He is our hope and our healer. No matter what may befall us, he is able to deliver us and strengthen us.
God is the answer when we face trial, tribulation, persecution and the possibility of death. He holds his own in his mighty grip of grace and keeps us on steady footing when we are under attack. He is our shield and a strong tower to which we can run when chaos and calamity threaten to erupt in our lives.
Are you wise? Have you accepted the sacrifice Jesus made on your behalf? Have you repented of your disobedience to God and received his salvation? If not, there is no moment better than right now. If so, then thank him – for you are prepared for whatever may happen in your life.