Lord, I pray for the church in America today. I pray for marriages to be restored and for families to be strengthened. I pray for people to be emotionally, physically and spiritually healed from whatever they are struggling with as they face each day. I ask that you raise up new leaders who will stand for your word and your holiness in the midst of our culture. I also ask that you buttress those leaders who continue to fight the good fight against the cosmic enemies set on our ruin.
May people who have received your grace, mercy and love along with other blessings be willing to speak out for your kingdom and your honor and majesty. May you teach us how better to serve you so that unbelievers might exchange darkness for light and sin for salvation. Cleanse your house of hypocrites and false teachers either by removing them or by convicting them to forsake their falsehood and accept your Lordship.
May we stop listening for what we want to hear and focus on the plain truth of your word. Place a longing to be in your presence and an unquenchable hunger for your righteousness within us so that we might be in a position to be used as you see fit. Open our eyes, minds, and hearts to the possibilities that you continue to lay before those who walk before you.
Help us to be the people of God in the power of God for the kingdom of God. Continue to be victorious over our spiritual Enemy and thwart his plans to keep people indifferent and unproductive. Turn his schemes, traps, and obstacles into opportunities that bring people closer to you. In Jesus’ name, amen.