How Can We Get You Plugged In?

We offer many opportunities for you to become connected at Cumberland Community Church.  Separate from FSU GIG, Youth, and Children Ministries, we offer smaller L.I.F.E. groups. Two of our most popular include the women’s, and men’s groups.

We also offer L.I.F.E. groups for smaller specific topics, such as to gain knowledge in a specific book of the bible, or on issues that pertains to a smaller demographic such as young people.  Another unique opportunity is to attend a L.I.F.E. group session that fields your questions on any topic.

Pastor Ron enjoys being able to take the group to the bible and have group discussion.  It normally involves active participation, and the group will map the answer(s) out on a whiteboard so that everyone is able to fully understand.  What we have found is that most of the time, when someone has a questions, many others in the group have often thought of the same thing and maybe didn’t want to speak up.

No matter what ministry or life group you partake in, you can have comfort in knowing that God is with you as we come together as your faith family to help make us stronger in His word.  If you would like to know of opportunities, contact the office for more information.