January 2016 Mission Trip

On January 14-28, 2016, God used a team of 10 men and women on multiple projects which involved: leadership classes for Kampala Community Church leadership team, support with VBS, career counseling for Light Africa college students, Dave Ramsey Financial Peace sessions, session on Marriage as God Intended, session on Parenting as God Intended, meeting to encourage single women, home visits with sponsored children through Light Africa child Development Program and extensive work on the Matthew 10:42 clean water project (installation of gutter system, digging and brick laying for placement of water collection tank) at Light Africa Academy High School.

Future Mission trip is being planned for 2018. There will be a scheduled meeting in early 2017 to discuss interest and potential projects.

KCC’s Amani Choir is tentatively scheduled to tour USA from March – December of 2017.

Please consider a donation to fund our trip as we work to bring the story of Salvation to the world. See, Go Fund Me, donation box at bottom of page.



2016 New York City Mission Trip


This summer CCC youth group – Illumin8 and leaders traveled to Williamsburg Brooklyn to partner with Pastor Jamie Zelaya of New Beginnings Baptist Church in an outreach to women in that area caught in human trafficking. Women were offered ESL (English as a Second Language) classes as well as clothing and invited to family night at New Beginnings. At family night they were offered food, games, singing, and karaoke free from the oppression of the people trying to keep them enslaved.

Illumin8 youth and leaders also did face painting for kids in a local park. The adults were offered free coffee while children were offered free Popsicle’s, all were invited to New Beginnings for family night.

It was a great experience for local Cumberland youth to step outside their comfort zones to pray with/for people bound to something we don’t understand here in our small town, human trafficking. The majority of the people impacted speak little to no English and are easy to mislead by the community of people enslaving them. Pastor Jamie and members of his congregation are, daily faces to these women, trying to build a trusting relationship, while helping them understand how much God loves them.