Purpose Statement: “At Cumberland Community Church our purpose is to know God and make him known through worship, education, evangelism, fellowship, and brotherly love.”

Mission Statement: “The primary mission of Cumberland Community Church is to be a loving fellowship of believers and seekers of truth, led by the Holy Spirit to worship God, teach and understand the biblical principles for living, to witness for Christ in our community, and to make disciples as we mature in our own spiritual journey.”

Vision Statement: “Cumberland Community Church will be a safe haven where seekers of spiritual truth can come in their particular family group to explore and realize the possibility of a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Core Values: Fellowship, Family/Person oriented ministry, Christ/Bible centered focus, Excellence, Sharing the “Good News”, Low pressure/Low barrier atmosphere, Flexible/Non-traditional approach to worship

Membership: Anyone who wishes to become a member of Cumberland Community Church must complete Membership 101, Discovering My Gifts 201, and sign a Membership Covenant

Other Opportunities: Spiritual Maturity 301, Leadership 401, Bible Study 501, L.I.F.E. Groups, Fellowship, Friendship, Family, and a chance to meet people just like you who are learning to live a victorious life in Christ.

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