The tragedy in Las Vegas is indicative of the horrors that await this country should people continue on the dark journey upon which we have embarked. Fake news and politicians who would use tragedy for promoting their agendas have shown no respect for the victims of a senseless slaughter. In fact, they show blatant disrespect for the individuals, their families, and by extension the American people, as they spew their sentiments.

Taking away guns will not stop people who wish to harm others. Those whose sinful hearts are determined to cause pain and suffering will find a way to accomplish their twisted ambitions. Scripture plainly states that the heart of man is exceedingly wicked

The only true solution to the violence and hatred being perpetrated on this nation is for a return to the Judaeo Christian beliefs upon which this nation was founded. As we move further from the tenets and truths of the bible we fall deeper into abyss of sinful behavior. Students in all levels of our institutions of public education are indoctrinated with teaching that tells them they are an accident of natural selection. All vestiges of God and Christianity are being removed from public education and the public forum. The sanctity of human life is diminished as we promoted infanticide, genocide and physician assisted suicide.

The replacement ideology that promotes the goodness of man and humanism leaves us at the mercy of the sinfulness of people. When we are an end unto ourselves, and there is no God to whom we are answerable, the door is opened for people to set aside conscience and forego fear of divine retribution. If there is no God to who we must answer, there is no sense of right and wrong. Everyone does what is right in his or her own sight.

The 24 hour fake news cycle is more concerned with sensationalism and fearmongering than with finding out the truth. They are not interested in waiting until the investigation is completed. They have set themselves up as judge, jury and executioners of what they believe is justice. Politicians who pander to their own political sycophants chime right in and spout off their liberal, secular, humanistic talking points as if they were all seeing and all knowing themselves.
Our country would be much better off if those who claim to be “Christians” would become followers of Christ. Jesus’ first sermon was “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.” He came to help us understand the God whose grace and mercy allows all sinners to come to him with repentant hearts. He came to sacrifice his life so that not one soul might be lost to the eternal fires of Hell.
Salvation is the only cure for the evils of this world and the hard descent into darkness that has been the course set by the culture in which we find ourselves. How can they hear if God’s people are afraid to speak the truth? How can they be saved if they do not understand the concept of sin? How can a true believer in Christ keep his or her mouth shut when people are dying and going to a hopeless and Christless eternity all around us?
If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. Hypocrites also fit into the same category of undesirables as political pharisees and fearmongering fake newscasters.