It saddens me to see that Satan has exacerbated the furor over racialism that continues to brew in this country. An agent of the Evil One walked into a gathering of God’s people and took their physical lives. A white male mercilessly took the lives of African American people, demonstrating that the apparent reality being propagated in the media and in the streets is true.

Why would Satan not bring even further division between white and black, believer and scoffer? Why would we who understand that this war is not a war between flesh and blood, but a war that is being waged in the unseen world expect otherwise?

May this be a wake up call for those who claim to follow Christ. These souls who were snatched out of this life are in the presence of the One who gave them grace, mercy, love and forgiveness on this earth. Satan did not defeat Jesus by killing him on a cross. He did not destroy these believers by taking their physical lives.

We need to stand up to these attacks by the Enemy by getting on our knees in prayer to the only One who can turn things around. We need to pray for those who have suffered such great loss. We need to live out loud for the cause of Christ so that lives might be eternally secure in the arms of our loving God.

Father, please comfort these families in this time of grief and shock. Wrap them in your grace, mercy and love. Help the authorities bring the agent of Satan to justice here on earth and may your justice rule over eternal matters. Heal our land as we reach across racial lines and as we seek your face together. Bind the Evil One that no more damage might befall those who are directly affected by this tragedy. In Jesus’ name, amen