There is a rising tide of people who see recycling as a positive practice. Trash collection services are providing collection cans and bins for plastic, glass, metal and various paper products in more cities and towns than ever before. Where there are centralized collection facilities, people sort and deposit these recyclables into appropriate dumpsters and wagons.

We are empowered when we feel that we are making a difference when it comes to saving the environment and reducing waste in landfills. Why is it that we are not as passionate and motivated to help people in the same way? Are people not as important as the environment?

The psalmist wrote these words in Psalm 113,

5 Who can be compared with the LORD our God,
who is enthroned on high?
6 He stoops to look down
on heaven and on earth.
7 He lifts the poor from the dust
and the needy from the garbage dump.
8 He sets them among princes,
even the princes of his own people!
9 He gives the childless woman a family,
making her a happy mother.
Praise the LORD!

God’s favorite accomplishment is to pick his precious humans from the trash pile of the world and invite them to become children of the king. He remakes and recycles hopeless people into meaning makers. He restores joy and establishes peace in the hearts of those who allow him to gather them into his gracious embrace.

As a follower of Christ, are you helping with the recycling program God instituted when Jesus gave his life to purchase salvation for the human race? Are you seeking and searching to bring broken, damaged, and hopeless people to the creator of life? Are you as worried about seeing lives restored as you are about washing out cans and bottles for the trash recycling program?

If you want to make a difference and be empowered by the one who has offered you restoration, hope and life, then get busy scouring your part of the world for people who need the very same opportunity that you have received. Speak words of life. Share the gospel as well as the story of what God has done for you. Offer life and hope and help to those who are on their way to a hopeless and Christless eternity.