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Compromising with Truth: Is Being “Woke” Necessarily a Good Thing?

by Office Secretary

Every aspect of society is under the scrutiny of “woke” people who believe their mandate is to demean, disturb or destroy every last bastion of traditional thinking. Whether historical. political, or biblical, deniers and denigrators are forcing their radical ideologies into our culture with the goal of impugning all recognized truth. Just because people do […]

God Is More Interested In Repentance And Change….

by Office Secretary

The net effect of psychology and human philosophy over the past 50 years is that people no longer hear with their ears, but with their emotions. Rather than going from the ears to the brain for cognitive logical evaluation, every word is filtered through the emotions first, causing impulsive reaction instead of a methodical weighing […]

What is in the title “Christian”

by admin

In these United States of America, it is too easy to be identified as a “Christian.” Jesus never asked anyone to be a Christian, but he required that people who believe in him follow him. Maybe this will sort out “Christians” in name only, and true followers of Christ. “you will be arrested, persecuted, and […]