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Compromising with Truth: Is Being “Woke” Necessarily a Good Thing?

by Office Secretary

Every aspect of society is under the scrutiny of “woke” people who believe their mandate is to demean, disturb or destroy every last bastion of traditional thinking. Whether historical. political, or biblical, deniers and denigrators are forcing their radical ideologies into our culture with the goal of impugning all recognized truth. Just because people do […]

Petulance is Putrid

by Office Secretary

Dictionaries defines petulance as “unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered; peevish (discontented);contemptuous (disrespectful) in speech or behavior.” Putrid is “emitting a rotten smell that is unpleasant or repulsive. As we watch the unrestrained destructive activities taking place on college campuses and in major cities, petulance seems to have reached an all time high. For almost two years […]

Choosing the Right Path

by Office Secretary

We make many decisions over the course of a day, a year, or a lifetime. Each choice starts us on a path that often has a predetermined outcome. Some choices we are forced to make, while others are done out of a sense of desire, or simply because there is a choice to be made. […]

Walking With the Wise

by Office Secretary

How do we discern between what is right or wrong today? Are we convicted in our spirits by God’s word and by the guiding prompts of the Holy Spirit, or do we look to see what others are doing and gauge our behaviors on some sort of lopsided comparison? Proverbs 13:18-21 offers a bit of […]

God Is More Interested In Repentance And Change….

by Office Secretary

The net effect of psychology and human philosophy over the past 50 years is that people no longer hear with their ears, but with their emotions. Rather than going from the ears to the brain for cognitive logical evaluation, every word is filtered through the emotions first, causing impulsive reaction instead of a methodical weighing […]

Do you know God?

by admin

God’s amazing love and provision are just a couple of reasons to trust in him. he forgives our sinfulness, cleanses us from unrighteousness, calls us his children, strengthens us in times of weakness, and gives us victory to live beyond every situation in life that would try to derail us from the journey to which […]