Until we are broken, we are unusable for God’s kingdom. We cannot serve him until we humble ourselves and repent in his presence. We must recognize our insufficiency, receive his saving grace and surrender to his Lordship.

Until we are broken, we cannot experience the fulfillment found in the love, mercy and grace shown on the cross. When we understand that we were headed for a hopeless and Christless eternity apart from the sacrifice of Jesus, we begin to understand the joy and hope available to us.

Until we are broken, we do not appreciate the implications of the brokenness of all men and women. Once we experience the salvation, hope, and joy extended to us by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords we begin to look at others with a heart felt compassion that will not allow us to walk by them without offering the same chance for hope that has given us freedom and victory over sin.

Jesus specializes in changing the trajectory of broken people. He did not come for those who are self-sufficient and those who deny their brokenness. He came to seek and save those who admit they are lost. He came to heal those who call out to him in their brokenness. He came to offer life to all who choose to receive it.

Until we are broken, we will not passionately sacrifice our time, money, or talents for God’s glory. We will be indifferent to our own condition and unaware of unused potential within us. We will miss the opportunity and honor of joining Jesus in his quest to bring salvation, hope, and healing to the people all around us. It is only as we are awakened to our deepest needs that we can contemplate offering our lives as a sacrifice worthy of the gift we have received.

How long will it be until you allow God to gently break your selfishness and indifference? How many people will miss out on salvation, hope, and peace because you refuse to allow Jesus to be your Lord? When will you realize that God gave everything for your soul so that you could join him in bringing the Good News to this dark and evil world?

Until you are broken