In our highly technological world today, most hikers, adventurers, and drivers use a GPS or other gadget to navigate when traveling to unfamiliar destinations. The days of and atlas on their front seat, printed directions from MapQuest, compasses, and handwritten outlines from a friend have become antiquated at best.

Likewise, in the search for purpose and significance, there is a plethora of technological options available. Job search websites, seminars, and simulcasts present information and offer “guaranteed” success and satisfaction for people seeking new career opportunities or pathways to personal fulfillment.

The age old problem we all face as humans has to do with our finite understanding. We guess, we prognosticate, and we hope we will do as well as others. However there is always a disclaimer stating that results vary, and that the outcome for one spokesperson is not indicative of all participants.

Solomon gives sage advice when he reminds us of the necessity of seeking God in our journeying and decision making.

“There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death” (Proverbs 16:25)

Many have taken the path that seemed right only to be overwhelmed with calamity and catastrophe. Danger is often well hidden. What appears promising may indeed chew us up and spit us out. Success and shortcuts can even be more harmful than good.

Each of us has a destination, whether physical, mental, temporal or eternal. We can either seek God’s counsel, or that of man. We can include the guidance of the Holy Spirit, or the quick option of pushing a button on a computerized piece of technology.

God wants us to have abundant life even more than we want it. However, the path to that life is narrow. It is not a freeway and there is no shortcut. Success in God’s plan sometimes comes at great sacrifice to the traveler, but there is benefit that far outweighs the cost. Which way are you going?